Monday, 12 September 2016: Autumn update

Life has been full of good experiences lately. July began with the Kelburn Garden Party, followed by concerts and hanging out with friends. The summer has also included several meditation courses, as well as meeting the lovely Chris Packham again, and I finally got around to seeing the Jesus and Mary Chain, a band who played a crucial part in the story of how I ended up living in Scotland. What a fantastic gig - decadent noisy oblivion!

I am now looking ahead to my second year at the University of Glasgow. In a surprising conclusion to first year, I was awarded a Mary G. Ross Prize "in recognition of excellent performance" in French - a subject I have decided not to pursue any further, despite my love of languages. For the coming year I have chosen a curriculum completely focused on biology, comprising 9 distinct courses, and to get the maximum benefit from the short teaching semesters I may forgo non-academic events until the exam period ends mid-May.

As for site updates, a Nature 2016 album has been created with this year's wildlife photos so far (they're not good but they're mine!). There is also an up-to-date Food Parade 6 page, created mostly for Kevin and me to get meal ideas and to remember in which cookbook to find the recipe...

A final pernickity note: This is not a "blog". Blogs tend to be ready-made templates for those who won't or can't write HTML. This is a website hosting several types of content and the Newsbox, which is only a small part of it, existed before blogs became widespread. Please don't dismiss all the hours I spend creating and maintaining this site by referring to it as merely a blog. Merci bien!

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