Chris Duffield

Nature lover, writer, endurance runner, musician (guitar & piano), vegan, tree-grower, rewilder, hiker, forager, Suede fan, and cat parent with my husband Kevin. Always have a song in my head.

Reader of books on nature, biology, and science in general; philosophy, religion and history; languages and culture; also poetry and novels. Attempt to be quadrilingual, but advances in one language seem to mysteriously displace words from another one. Keen on invertebrates, trees, birds, wildflowers, fungi... all life.

Philomath, Renaissance woman, jack of all trades; fairly good at most things if given the chance. Trying to be both an ecologist and a software tester at the same time. Conscientious: If something is worth doing, it's worth doing properly. Recovering perfectionist.

I enjoy drawing, singing, colourful veg dishes, silence and solitude. Dreaming of a Highland cottage with a fireplace and a huge garden with a vegetable patch.

Cumbernauld Glen (photo by Katrina Martin) Avon River, Chatelherault With Dink the male Kestrel The Falls of Clyde Enjoying the sun, Chatelherault Eglinton Country Park EMF Half Marathon 2018

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I believe we should each do what we can to reduce our negative impact on the planet. We can do this if we aim to:
- avoid unnecessary travel, particularly air travel
- eat a plant-based diet
- be child-free
- live simply, with fewer things
- buy sustainably and second-hand; barter
- grow and cook our own slow food; work towards self-sustainability
- recycle / upcycle
- turn the heating down and wear warm clothing
- plant trees
- protect, restore and create healthy ecosystems and habitats for wildlife