Chris Duffield, Scotland-based ecologist

Former IT professional, now a naturalist focusing on terrestrial ecosystems in north-western Europe.

My interests span the full breadth of life - animals, plants, fungi, slime moulds, and bacteria. I am particularly interested in the effects of (re-)introductions, extinctions, and invasive alien species.

The research project I undertook as part of my Zoology degree at the University of Glasgow involved developing a novel Bayesian statistical model (in R with JAGS) to estimate survival and detection of UK Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus). The model also tested whether the probability of post-migration survival could be predicted from dates and metrics collected from juveniles prior to their first migration.

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Investigating the contents of a rockpool at sunrise, Dale Fort, Wales, July 2017 At Trees For Life's Dundreggan estate in the Scottish Highlands during a tree-planting stay in June 2017 Coming across a Dor beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius) on a rock during a hike in Aberfoyle, June 2016 Long-term monitoring (ongoing since 2010) of winter birds in my local woodland, December 2014

I am also an endurance runner, vegan, tree-planter, writer (poetry, fiction, and non-fiction essays), musician, Suede fan, and cat parent with my husband Kevin. I enjoy colourful veg dishes, languages, books, silence and solitude.

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