Born 26 June 2007

Gizmo portrait Pet names: Giz, Gizzy, Whitemouf, the Howler

Gizmo has a purr that can wake the dead, and if given the opportunity, he may just wake us with it in the middle of the night. He loves nothing better than to curl up in a warm lap for some cuddles. Well, apart from kibble, obviously.

Gizmo tends to meow a lot around mealtimes to let us know that the food should have been served ages ago. He also seems to like the taste of his own feet; his pedicures involve chewing on his claws in ways I've never seen any *normal* cat do.

Gizmo is a morning person, and he loudly demands his breakfast at about 6 a.m. every day. He's a greedy eater who will finish his own food quickly and not hesitate to also finish Seamus' portion, so we feed them separately and keep an eye on them.

When they were kittens, the boys were fed dry food. It took months of trial and error to find a type of kibble Gizmo could eat without having chronic diarrhoea (colitis). When we finally found Trophy Premium, only a month passed before he suffered urinary problems (cystitis) due to insufficient water intake, and the vet told us to put him on wet food permanently. After another (short) period of trying out a few commercial brands of tinned food and pouches, we concluded that Gizmo can only eat special food for cats with sensitive stomachs. Both cats have been fed Royal Canin Sensitivity S/O wet food ever since because of this. We have to watch his weight carefully as he is always hungry.

Between 2010 and 2012 Giz went to the vet four times to have damaged teeth removed. We realised he is prone to having something called a neck lesion, or technically FORL, a type of damage at the neck of the tooth just under the gum surface which develops into a "cavity" until the tooth breaks. He has had all 4 of his third premolars removed due to FORLs, plus one other tooth.

Gizmo remains a cheerful and very cuddly cat. He is, as you can tell, also very vocal, and tends to start calling for his food hours in advance (which is particularly trying if it's 04:30 in the morning!), but in turn will also start howling at eleven at night if someone is still up after the proper bedtime! One thing is certain: We never forget he's around!

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